We set the course: A straight shot to the stars
We’ll count down to ignition and burn through the clouds
We’ve got the tools.
We’ve got the mind.
The plan is laid; we’ll follow the line

We set the course
Toward the light
Twenty-some hours
And we’ll have arrived

We set the course
We’ll have a drink
Dry mouth, red eyes
Forget to blink
Our sunglasses
Won’t work like we want
And we’ll all go blind
From the light of the sun

But it will float away at digital speed
And we’ll be weighed down by the books that we need
With the people who wrote them all dead and gone
There’ll be no one to turn to
When something goes wrong

Tornadoes, earthquakes, famine, drought
Tsunamis, brainwaves, reasonable doubt

We set the course
A dream deferred
The line is blurred


One Response to “Course of Events”

  1. Anonymous said

    It began in meeting,
    Nothing more than a greeting,
    But now it’s embedded in many people,
    And there won’t ever be a sequel.

    Everyone wants an explanation
    But all I can say is it’s an exclamation
    That’ll spread its way across the nation
    And I’ll let the world know it was my creation.


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