June 4, 2013

For a while
I thought about growing a beard

Never did

until recently
because the Pens are in the playoffs
and that’s the perfect excuse
and I might as well do it now
while I have a job that
doesn’t care how I look

It grows OK
looks alright
I get compliments from some people
like the girl who cuts my hair
and from old women
(one told me it was cute)
and one time from an old guy
who I see every few weeks at the book store
and I’ve always had this suspicion he’s
got a crush on me
He told me to keep it short,
right where it is,
and not let it get too long

Anyone I’ve met in the past month
has only known me with a beard

I’ve been listening to Iron &
Wine and Ray Lamontagne and
they look good in their beards
and I look in the mirror and
I look decent in my beard too

but it’s getting itchy
and the hairs from my upper lip are
hanging over and I feel them sometimes
and they dip into the beer as it runs past
and this girl says she likes it but
I think it’s got to feel weird
kissing lip hairs that are too long

so I’m thinking of shaving


One Response to “”

  1. R. P. Burley said

    Noooo! The beard must endure! The itching will pass. As for the overhanging hairs, get yourself a little pair of scissors. Bearded brothers unite!


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