Twist your eyeballs

May 30, 2013

When something’s new
it’s a foreign object
an alien invention
you admire for its
parts, its
craft, its

A table is a board
cut from the flanks of a tree,
propped up on four rods
also from the meat of a tree
All of this so you don’t have to
eat on or
pick things up from
the floor
Really a brilliant invention

But we name things and then they
become their names
and we forget the parts entirely
and we can’t see them anymore

I think it’s funny.

Some people pay a lot of money
for a guitar
which really is just a few wires
stretched out real tight
and fixed onto a box
The wires are suitable for plucking, and
you can even cause them to make
different sounds by
pressing your finger against them
at different spots
and that’s interesting,
who thought of that?
but we called it GUITAR and now
it’s a blob in my hands
an out-of-focus photograph
and my brain says GUITAR
and I am expected to make
beautiful music somehow because
that’s what GUITAR
is for

Scratching on this notebook right now,
scratching graphite (which is what,
a rock?) against
mushed-up and flattened-out wood chips
There are so few limits and
you can essentially create
any shape you can possibly imagine
But we called it WRITING
and we laid out a
particular set of shapes and
combinations of the shapes
and we memorize the shapes
and we’re made to practice the shapes
until the shapes are in our muscles
and we put straight lines on the wood mush
and you recite the shapes
along the tracks
and you are WRITING
with an out-of-focus blob that is PENCIL
and an out-of-focus blob that is PAPER

and something is supposed to come out

but it doesn’t, not most of the time
because everything is out of focus

You need to twist your eyeballs around a little bit
twist them in your brain until
it sees a little differently
a little more closely

because the fun lies in
weaving through the parts
Seeing them work,
watching the miracle happen

because you’ve got to
break everything down to
and start fresh

because truth
is in
what you take
for granted



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