Bad guys

February 27, 2013

There aren't villains
 No one is out there
    planning your demise
    or your unhappiness
 Especially if you don't think you've
    done anything wrong

There aren't villains
    whose purpose on Earth is
    to do evil for the sake of evil

Mischief, maybe
    or exploiting a system for their own gain
But even then
    you won't hear them owning their

There aren't villains
    because everyone is just doing
    what they do
       (or what they think they should)
    to live the way they want
       (or the way they think they want)

But people love to feel insulted
 People love to blame
    and bemoan
    and preach the injustices
       they believe
       have been inflicted upon them for
       no good reason at all
 People love feeling helpless
    Love feeling that their fates are
    out of their hands
  (and maybe they are)

But trust me
 There's no conspiracy against you

There aren't villains
 But victims--
            there are plenty of those.


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