new bath

January 16, 2013

Everyone has,
in the shower,
their own routine.
A set of instructions memorized and followed.

Mine would go:

  • shampoo (use fingertips, not nails, to avoid scalp irritation)
  • face (forehead, right cheek, left cheek, nose, eyes, mouth, neck)

turn around

  • armpits (don’t forget)
  • chest (build lather reserve here)
  • shoulders (reaching right arm across chest to left shoulder, then vice versa)
  • back (you’ve learned by now that your armspan is long enough and you’re flexible enough to sufficiently clean the entire region)

turn around

  • groin (get it good.  All of it.)
  • right leg (front thigh, back thigh, shin, calf, foot, between toes)
  • left leg (repeat process from right leg)
  • butt

I performed this dance
every day for 25 years
(minus the few years in the beginning when
my parents had to do it for me)
until one morning I found myself just washing,

as a farmer

or a veterinarian

or a zookeeper would

scrub the daily crud off a filthy animal.

procedure and

some pretenses

slid down a



someone else to worry about.

that was a good day.

my showers are better now than they used to be.

that was definitely a good day.

I still get the groin good

but that’s how you wash a filthy animal



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