Rigor mortis

November 29, 2012

has set in
for the support beams of an
old ski jump in Sarajevo

Concrete hands are gripping hard
Holding up the sagging track
They were the venue
for the main attraction at the
1984 Winter Olympics.

I see the athletes barreling
down from the top
adrenaline high
ambitions high
triumph, sweat, defeat
everything was laid on that jump

Four years after that, the Olympics
took place in another city
in another country
in some other part of the world
A new ski jump
(probably a whole complex)
was erected
And the pillars of Sarajevo
weren’t even afforded the dignity of

The dreams of the skiers
are probably long gone,
accepted or just forgotten
But I imagine the columns remembering,
with some excitement,
their own sense of victory
until the instant of their death



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