Whitman reads “America”

October 18, 2012

Walt Whitman, arguably the most important American poet (certainly one of the most influential) recites his poem “America”.


A New York Times article from 1992 discusses the discovery of a primitive wax recording and the possibility that it was a hoax.

Not a lot of evidence is available to prove that it is or is not Whitman’s actual voice. The poem was written in 1888, and Whitman died in 1892. That “Leaves” four years in which the recording could have been captured, which coincides with a period of time when the use of these wax recordings was prevalent.

Worst case scenario: We have an old wax recording of some guy with a mildly annoying voice reading a poem.

Best case: We have a genuine recording of the great Walt Whitman reading one of his own works.

I may choose to go with the best case on this one.



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