There’s a word

June 15, 2012

the sportscasters use
frequently during the game:

this power play tonight has been a microcosm
of their struggles of late
this game is really a microcosm
of the whole season
eh, Bobby?

That comment itself seems
to me
a microcosm of every announcer
I’ve ever heard:
the maybe-profound observation
followed up with
“eh, Bobby?”

(subsequently, this poem is a microcosm
of all of mine:
I don’t know where it’s going yet,

but really,

how many possibilities can there be?)

Seems like every day is a microcosm
of the week,
the week of the year,
the year of the decade,
the decade of the lifetime

I wake up, spend the day
It has its ups and downs
I go to bed

Spring explodes into summer
It has its ups and downs
Leaves fall

Spent how many years in school
It had its ups and downs

now I’m expected to start something new
a life, I guess
But I’ve already got the Spark Notes:
there will be ups
there will be downs
there will be another ending

Like I said,
I don’t know where this is going,

but really…



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