something, nothing

May 25, 2012

There are times–
long stretches, in some instances–
where I don’t get anything written
because I feel
I don’t have anything to say
Nothing outstanding happened
Nothing pissed me off
or made me sad
and of course nothing comes out
when everything’s A-OK

It’s hard to take myself seriously
when I try to contemplate nature while
scribbling ground-up rock on
mashed-up wood pulp
Let alone bang away at the computer
and whatever it does

So I don’t write anything

which is silly because
not everything
not every poem
every word
every comma
has to be a god-damn masterpiece

or maybe just mine
has so few moments that
most would consider a
true masterpiece
But I guess that’s the point
You don’t always have to SAY SOMETHING

So here it is, muse:
not saying anything


One Response to “something, nothing”

  1. doncarroll said

    nice take on this. the last couple of lines on that first stanza can’t get any accurate than that.


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