May 12, 2012

I was born
on the same day as Hilary
Same month.
Same year.

When we were 11, she
appeared in her first feature film
alongside Casper
the friendly ghost.
I read Lord of the Rings.

When we were 13,
she landed her own TV
show on the Disney Channel
She was a hit with the
girls and a crush of all
the young boys.
Meanwhile, I tried
to do skateboard tricks.

At 17, she was
on the big screen again
This time with the likes
of Steve Martin, etc.
She also started her own fashion
line. And I
was drinking cheap beer in the
woods, by a stream
under the turnpike.

Around 19, she dated
and eventually married a professional
hockey player.
I drank more beer and failed a
couple college courses.

Right now, Hilary Duff
is pregnant and appearing on
the Mothers’ Day editions of morning
talk shows.
I’m scribbling poems in
an old notebook.



to hell with Hilary Duff.


2 Responses to “Parallel”

  1. doncarroll said

    nice take here.i went in a similiar route.


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