Dear Wendy,

April 28, 2012

I know you’re the
daughter of
Dave Thomas
And I know you’re
of Wendy’s

Let me tell you
human to human
I’m sorry
you have to dye
your hair
just like the logo
You as a child

At your age
dye their hair
Especially women
In an attempt to retain
In an attempt to remain
what they once were

They don’t all have to
do that.
They’re not all the heiresses
of a fast food tycoon
They’re not all on
TV commercials
But you

Poor Wendy
We all age
We all will
We’re not immortal and
you’re no exception
Except for the image of
Childhood You
erupting from roadside parking lots
every 15 miles
You CAN’T change.
Stasis is expected of you.
You’re a little older
A little heavier
But still that
bottled red hair
I’m sorry, Wendy
We’re not all like that



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