You’ve probably noticed

April 27, 2012

the World
Wide Web is littered with
photos people took of
themselves in the bathroom mirror

There are a couple things
you might assume about
these people:
– They have little training in photography
(let alone artistic vision)
– They are extraordinarily vain
– They don’t have many friends

But at least they’re honest,
if you want to call it that
Usually you can still see the
flash going off,
the cell phone in
their hand
Most sensible people would
set up the camera
on a table and
pose, hands-free
Almost giving the impression
that someone else
a friend, perhaps,
took the picture for them
But these bathroom mirror
At least they’re honest


2 Responses to “You’ve probably noticed”

  1. And thank you for keeping your poetry honest. This should be in a lit mag. :)

  2. So many following in the steps of Cindy Sherman!


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