it was in Blacksburg

April 16, 2012

Five years ago today
I walked across campus and
heard police and ambulance
sirens shrieking like panicked

Five years ago today
I watched CNN for hours
straight as outside my window everything
fell apart

Five years ago today
I had to email my parents because
the phone lines were all jammed
up and I relied of facebook to find out
which of my friends were
(Luckily they all were and as far as I know
still are)

Five years ago today
I wept

Five years ago today
an M4 or another of those tactical
machine rifles was pointed in my face
Behind it was a man in black who I
had to assume
was a member of the SWAT team

That was five years ago. Today
I met a kid who
hadn’t been born then. He may
never hear what happened at
Virginia Tech
and that’s okay.
There are some children who were
five years ago today
and they’ll know about it but
only in the vague understanding that
other people remember it
Maybe briefly reminded on the nightly news
Like sharing your birthday with
the day Pearl Harbor happened
or the day USA beat the Soviets in the Olympics
or the day the Titanic movie came out

That’s okay too.
Such is the nature of


One Response to “it was in Blacksburg”

  1. doncarroll said

    like this one here. good take on fairly recent events except near the end. nicely done.


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