is it He?

April 11, 2012

a lot of debate has gone on
about the Shroud of Turin

the Believers say it’s the face of Jesus
the Skeptics say no way

the Believers traced it back to Jarusalem
the Skeptics had it carbon-dated to 1300 A.D.

the Believers made a computer program to map in 3-D the face of
the savior and the Skeptics analyzed the folds and creases
the Believers made their own case on that, the Skeptics brought up
another point, the Believers refuted that and the Skeptics
refuted that and
the History Channel made a documentary
they hired professional filmmakers and
researchers and camera men and lighting
experts and wardrobe and makeup teams and
then a crew to make ads and
aired those then premiered
the show on Easter Sunday in
the evening after dinner
what’s for breakfast tomorrow?


3 Responses to “is it He?”

  1. dpbowman said

    Fascinated by the Shroud but like all controversial items, it does often lead to melodrama and boredom. So you have considered the Shroud and come to the conclusion that it is irrelevant? (Just trying to get a handle on “so what’s for breakfast tomorrow?”)

  2. kvennarad said

    A few loaves, a few fishes, the usual…

    Marie Marshall


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