in the bar bathroom

April 8, 2012

a guy wandered up to the urinal two down
from mine
being that he was the second to arrive
and there were three urinals
and given the complex system of urinal rules
he resigned to the short one
we dutifully stared a the wall straight ahead

“what do they bother with the little ones for”
he joked

“for the little men” I said

“or maybe for kids”

“yeah, for the kids at the bar”

“they should have a step-stool”

“or an escalator”

we both washed our hands

he said “have we met before?”

I responded “I don’t know”


he left the bathroom
I left
and I didn’t see any short bar stools

I was drinking whiskey that night
and I thought
there’s a lot of good in the world
or at least some things
that seem okay to me



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