Class of ‘

March 27, 2012

I go to this bar
Usually a mix of people
Young couples, middle-aged singles
Families in for dinner clear out
around 8:30

Occasionally a night will come along
where dinner is over and
the hockey game is over
and there is work in the morning
and everyone who is left at the bar
graduated high school with me
Some I say hi to,
some I wave to,
some I nod to,
some I ignore

This kind of night happens once
every few months
and especially over Thanksgiving break
Most people say they’d rather not see
people from high school and
often I’d agree
But once in a while in a place with
stained-glass lamp shades and
antique roller skates on the walls
It’s nice to be where

everybody knows your name

do do do do doot doooo



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