March 26, 2012

old people slot machine jackpot casino money

There are two things to lose at the casino:
time and money
Yesterday I lost some time there
Most lose both.

The casino pumps music through the ceiling,
mostly ubiquitous former hits (some of which
I happened to like)
to keep at least part of your mind
from keeping track of how much time
or money you are losing

…when the band plays Hail to the Chief ooh they point the cannon at you…

A fat old man next to me tapped his thumb
in time on the slot machine,
his baldness concealed by one of those Vietnam
veteran baseball caps
the ones with the yellow cord across the front

He was losing money.
I didn’t gamble at all. I sat
and read a book, which is how
I only lost time.

A busload of retirees flooded the side entrance and
congested the place with motorized wheelchairs and IV
poles and hacks and coughs and cigarette smoke
They were widows, spending what was left of their
one true loves

…I’m comin’ out I want the world to know…

They did not seem concerned at all with the
money or the time they were losing.

…little ants are marching red and black antennae waving…

Mostly red, I presumed
Time and money lost.
Music and air pumped in.

I finished my book. It ended
and I closed it and left.



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