January 12, 2012

The soup you
make at home is
never as good
as the soup from the deli

The coffee you
brew is
never quite the same
as the stuff from
Starbucks or Dunkin
or even any restaurant

The popcorn you pop
in the microwave is
never as appealing
as what you get at
the movies
even though it’s probably
the same brand
(and yours was actually probably
more expensive to the
manufacturer but the theater
marks it way up anyway)

Even the plain ham sandwich you
make in your kitchen is
not as exotic and delicious as
when your grandmother would
make plain ham sandwiches
in her kitchen

But sometimes if you forget about all that
and make something that tastes like
what you have,
The tune you bang out on
your old thrift store piano
is every bit as good–
sometimes better–
than the music that plays in your head.


One Response to “Output”

  1. Is the prophet ever acknowledged in his own home…


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