Brick and Mortar

December 7, 2011

I’m building a library and
Filling the shelves with life
Spines straight and erect like
Small forests

Everyone’s trying to tear them down
Everyone’s got a bulldozer now
Electric saw, electric plow
Raze the wood to paper to ground

Everything ends up buried with time
The great dinosaurs, champions of Earth
Ancient cities with dreams and intentions
And imitations of themselves

Everything ends up buried
And the truth doesn’t always come out
Because something else comes
And it moves too fast to stop it
So now it’s the new truth

Anyway, I’m building this library
My own analog fortress

Most fortresses wind up underground, too
But that’s okay, because I’ll be long gone by then
Besides, the ones that manage to last
Just dilute into novelties for tourism
Relics to remark on for their quaintness

No, this forest will die with me
For if it can’t be a noble creator of oxygen
At least it can feed the lowly worms



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