On a day of thanks

November 24, 2011

My conscience has a conscience

and it’s saying “Shut up.

Stay out of this”

my conscience’s conscience says

“This is no concern of yours”

It’s Thanksgiving

and I’m supposed to feel thankful

or I’m supposed to feel guilty

or I’m supposed to feel spiritual

My conscience ahems

“give thanks! this

is a special day!”

But its conscience sits it down

and pats it on the head

and says “Okay, that’s enough”

Then it gives me a stern look

Reprimands me silently

for nearly entertaining my little conscience

And Thanksgiving dinner will come around

and I’ll spoon food onto my plate

meat and nuts and grains and berries

same as any day

maybe pie, maybe not

My mother will watch me

My father will watch me

And my conscience’s con

science will watch me too



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