Little Room

May 12, 2011

I’m sitting in a room
It’s not dark, but not particularly cheery
Lit by one soft-white incandescent bulb
Set to the low buzz of electronic static
The door to my little room is open
But people rarely walk by,
As my room is significantly out of the way
And I didn’t tell anyone where I was to begin with
Occasionally a dog will walk into my room
He’s not mine, but he’s friendly and he seems to care
His collar jingles as he prances around
I sing to him, and he howls excitedly in accompaniment
I’ll entertain the dog for a little while
Until he inevitably wanders away
It probably belonged to someone else
I was hoping this time it would stick around
More often I get stray cats in my room
This one is scruffy and gray, silent and ominous
Claws out, leering at me as it slinks around in the corner
The electronic hum intensifies
Almost as if the cat is an antenna for that sort of thing
I feel anxious with the cat around
Which I’m sure is what it wants
I’ve tried singing to the cat
Once I elicited a teeth-bearing hiss
But most of the time it either scowls in annoyance
Or ignores my efforts altogether
I’ve tried shooing the cat out the door of my room
But it’s very evasive, clever, stubborn
I guess it doesn’t want to leave
I guess it’s mine now
I guess I’m stuck with this thing
God I hate cats


One Response to “Little Room”

  1. Gavin said

    Speedy wanted me to tell you (type for her) watch your back, her claws are looking for a post to sharpen on.


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