Regarding Dragons, etc.

January 21, 2011

Earth, for all intents and purposes,
has been sufficiently–
some might say fully–
and mapped.
there are 3000 satellites
taking pictures of your backyard
and faraway places you’ll never be
submersibles have ventured
to the furthest depths of the oceans
we’ve gotten ourselves to the moon
and we can determine the elemental composition
of distant galaxies
with a telescope and a computer
Hell, I’ve got a computer on my desk right now

——once in a while
—-i’d like to believe in giants
-wooooo—to look out on endless expanses
——–and imagine what’s out there
—–wonder if the earth is really round
or if i could eventually stumble upon the edge
but the only giants i see
are my size
maybe only slightly bigger



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